Why work with me?

My coaching practice is embedded in Relational Organisational Gestalt, as informed by Gestalt psychotherapy and systems thinking. This approach enables you to access the answers that come from within. You are then better equipped to step into your future with more clarity, a stronger sense of purpose, and with courageous confidence to work and be with others.

I am a compassionate and supportive coach with extensive experience of the organisational environment, particularly in relation to wellbeing and inclusion. I use creative writing as a method alongside other tools and techniques anchored in a relational Gestalt-oriented approach.

Bring to the coaching session a problem and a desire to explore, and we’ll take it from there, systematically and creatively, attending to the here-and-now. You might be challenging yourself over a difficult work situation, or trying to achieve work-life balance. We will work together to find the most supportive resources for your needs.


Fees for individual coaching follow a sliding scale. There is a different fee structure for organisational coaching. Please contact me to discuss these fees.