Creativity coaching

To stand alone in the world is one of the most difficult things you may have to do. To create from that place of aloneness is a complex experience (at times exhilarating and painful). The creative process is intense, explorative and expansive. Your original contribution (to knowledge, the Arts, society and the world) is testament to your sense of worth and how you relate to yourself, others and the world.

The bottom line is: How are you using your (creative) talent? Are you using it at all?
Now imagine that your talent could change your life and the life of others for the better. Wouldn’t that be your most enduring legacy?

‘To bring about a radical change in the ways of our life, there must be expanding awareness, and a great depth of feeling, which is love. With love everything is possible.’ (J. Krishnamurti, ‘On Right Livelihood’)

As your coach I will work with you to optimise your capacity to experiment and enhance your self-awareness, by calibrating experiments to your needs in the here-and-now of the session, working with spontaneity, authenticity and curiosity. Your meaning-creating and subjective experience are essential aspects of your humanity. I will work with you to free yourself from external expectations in order to deepen your creative instinct and human expression. I will support you as you start to delve deeper into who you are.

Creativity means experimenting with self. So we give our full attention to our self and the world around us in a perpetual search for meaning. But sometimes we put meaning before our lived-experience and this is when we feel incomplete and frustrated at our own demands for originality. We may even experience creative slow-down.

‘I hadn’t experienced creative exercises in a context where they work to reveal unexpected perspectives on the questions that were keeping me feeling stuck. Aline suggested exercises in response to what came up in the conversation and suggested ways to build on these, drawing out unexpected insights from the outcomes. Through our sessions, I gained a new confidence in my ability to do this for myself, and to use it to find a way to get beyond my habitual ways of thinking. I recommend Aline as a coach to anyone feeling caught in reactive thoughts and doubts in any area of their life, professional or personal.’ (Illustrator)

Your creative process is unique to you and the present moment as the expression of your subjectivity. Together, we will keep searching for how you see, hear and feel the (outside) world within you; and that original idea may simply emerge, seemingly, out of nowhere. We will brush with the passing moment and notice how it feels. We will make space for your creative expression to step forward and let your most authentic creation transcend formulas, conventions and ideology.

‘Appearing on our sensory horizon, great art can instantaneously shift perceptions and perspectives. A tune, an image from a poem, a mural or the frozen moment in a moving picture remains with us, enriching our lives long after that instant has passed.’ (T. M. Krishna, ‘Reshaping art’)

Practical information 

Our coaching relationship starts with a 20-minute session (no charge). In this initial session we will discuss how we could be working together. We will be asking the questions ‘Does it feel right for me?’, ‘Are we a good fit?’ If you feel that you want to work with me, I will be asking you to commit to five weekly sessions in the first instance. This is to ensure we can fully engage in the work. My preferred method of work is via Zoom. This is more time-efficient for you and me.

Sessions are one hour. My fees follow a sliding scale depending on your financial circumstances. For example, if you’re a student or an artist not earning a full wage, then I will charge you less.

There is a different fee structure for organisational coaching. Please contact me to discuss these fees.

‘There are not enough words to describe my gratitude to Aline. The sessions were innovative, fun, respectful, and at times, mind-blowing. I learned an incredible amount from Aline, and she has a real talent for reminding you of the skills you already have – and how to re-use them. These sessions came at a really crucial time and having gone with an open mind, they went beyond helping – they have been life-changing. Thank you, Aline, for your wisdom, patience, compassion, humour and time.’
(Associate professor in popular music)

‘I enjoyed doing the work with you Aline. It took me to the edge of my comfort zone at times. I have really questioned my practice. It’s been really good for me to think ‘What’s ok? Where’s the line?’ It’s been really interesting, energising and reflective for me. So thank you!’