Do right, feel good.
Do good, feel right.

How do you address the big planetary challenges in your every day life? How do you develop, support and sustain your sense of purpose at work? How do you turn your purpose into palpable, exciting and responsible action while remaining true to yourself?

As a Right Livelihood Coach, I can help you gain more clarity of purpose at home and in your work. I can help you to open up, and explore, possibilities that remain faithful to your true sense of who you are.

Appease the inner critic.

In a world of complex processes and oversimplified quick fixes, there is a need to take a pause and look at the worth of it all. Is it time to change perspective? Time to appease your inner critic? You can turn the chatter into your advantage.

You are unique. Uniqueness is not a weakness. It is your added value.

Switch on the spotlights, turn the volume up. Your uniqueness may feel like isolation at times; but it need not be. It’s time to re-energise yourself and realise your human potential. Let’s find your added value to the world, to those who work with you and those who love you.

Business is about supporting people and building human relationships.

It’s time to drop the myth of the lone hero and start nurturing human relationships. In a complex, dynamic and fast-changing environment, pausing and reflecting seems counter-intuitive, but it is the failsafe solution to bring collaboration and performance back into teamwork.

My Right Livelihood

It started in 2016, when I enrolled at Schumacher College (UK) on a course entitled ‘Right Livelihood’. I practised being in the here-and-now with nature, slowing down, becoming aware. I was introduced to the work of Joanna Macey, Otto Sharmer, the thinking of Jiddu Krisnamurti (especially the concept of Right Livelihood) and the poetry of Mary Oliver and David Whyte. I travelled with my learning peers to the Kingdom of Bhutan to study the country’s holistic approach to wellbeing. It made for a wonderful experiential understanding of their Gross National Happiness (GNH) model. The course awakened my sense of purpose. It felt as if I had been given a map. There was one problem though: I wasn’t familiar with the terrain. So, I sought to understand myself (the terrain) better and decided to engage in Gestalt psychotherapy. The process resonated with me wholeheartedly. I was encouraged to be me. I found a home. One day, after a therapy session, I started writing – and I have been writing ever since about the terrain and the wider field. I am currently completing an MSc in ‘Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes’ (CWTP), exploring the integration of the practices of CWTP, Shamanism and Relational Organisational Gestalt and how this might best serve humanity. I left the corporate life behind, and I have gently settled into my life calling: Gestalt-oriented coaching and facilitation.

This is my Right Livelihood. How can I help you find yours?