We must dare to reclaim our humanity and keep our integrity and values intact. We must dare the untried and release our capacity for novelty, freshness, vitality and joy. This requires of us to be creative, in the deeper sense of that word.

How do you look after your creative process? How do you unlock your inner resources? How do you create emerging possibilities for yourself? How do you reconnect with life?

Let’s talk

I am a systemic embodied coach and Kambo practitioner. As a coach, I often use music and creative writing, whether with one-to-one clients or large groups in organisations. My practice is grounded in Gestalt and the phenomenology of listening. I am the author of ‘The Cure: separation, loss and song parody’, published in the British Gestalt Journal.

Benefits to you

  • A non-judgmental, confidential space to explore vulnerabilities, challenges and opportunities
  • Deeper connection to creative instinct and embodied knowing
  • Stronger sense of self-esteem
  • A fuller sense of meaning and purpose
  • A more vivid way of being with others
  • Increased awareness, clarity, focus and confidence
  • Deeper connection to self
Photographs © Aline Giordano