‘The workshop left me buzzing and dreaming in new words.’ Miriam Taylor, Gestalt psychotherapist

‘There are not enough words to describe my gratitude to Aline. The sessions were innovative, fun, respectful, and at times, mind-blowing. I learned an incredible amount from Aline, and she has a real talent for reminding you of the skills you already have – and how to re-use them. These sessions came at a really crucial time and having gone with an open mind, they went beyond helping – they have been life-changing. Thank you, Aline, for your wisdom, patience, compassion, humour and time.’ (Associate professor in popular music)

‘I hadn’t experienced creative exercises in a context where they work to reveal unexpected perspectives on the questions that were keeping me feeling stuck. Aline suggested exercises in response to what came up in the conversation and suggested ways to build on these, drawing out unexpected insights from the outcomes. Through our sessions, I gained a new confidence in my ability to do this for myself, and to use it to find a way to get beyond my habitual ways of thinking. I recommend Aline as a coach to anyone feeling caught in reactive thoughts and doubts in any area of their life, professional or personal.’ (Illustrator)

‘Aline is very insightful and well read. I was impressed by how quickly she understood where I and the other attendees were coming from in our group sessions. While her responses were tailored to each attendee’s individual experiences, at the same time she offered a lot of universal truths that were helpful to everyone and enabled us to relate to each other. Her experience really shows, and although I have been impressed by all of my organisation’s personal improvement offerings so far, this one stands out as exceptional.’ (Doctoral researcher on workshop ‘Optimising resilience’)

‘Aline, I appreciate your expertise and your creativity. You made it a fun and productive day. Looking forward to facilitating the necessary change as we morph into our new professional identity.’ (Clinical director)

‘I enjoyed doing the work with you Aline. It took me to the edge of my comfort zone at times. I have really questioned my practice. It’s been really good for me to think ‘What’s ok? Where’s the line?’ It’s been really interesting, energising and reflective for me. So thank you!’ (Psychotherapist)

‘Aline, I want to thank you for the support you recently gave me at a difficult crossroads in my life. I am not normally one to seek help from others because I tend to think I am in control of my own circumstances. I was wrong. Firstly, I was truly impressed with your compassion. I never once felt judged or that I should be ashamed of the situation I was in. Instead, I was greeted with great understanding, which enabled me to have total trust in you and your processes. In turn, you opened my mind to new ways of viewing the obstacles I was facing, and to reframe my feelings about the situation I was in. For me, the outcome has been clarity, to see the future in a new light and have a much more focused path to better times. Once again, thank you Aline.’  (Name removed to preserve client confidentiality)

‘Aline, thank you for going on this journey with me. Just four sessions with you helped me to make peace with myself. I feel more content in my work life and empowered to move forward. You have an incredible ability to lead a session without leading the narrative. Through simple tasks and questioning, I truly felt like the answers I needed came from within me and that’s so much more powerful than having ideas put upon a person from the outside.’  (Name removed to preserve client confidentiality)

‘Thank you Aline for your deep listening and understanding of the problems I was attempting to solve. I was impressed by your ability to come up with novel and surprising methods to bring me to my own sense of knowing and trust. You have a rare talent for getting to the heart of a problem and I have already recommended you further.’  (Name removed to preserve client confidentiality)