About me

Who am I?

I was born Korean. I am a daughter. I am an orphan. I am an adopted daughter. I am French. I grew up in Normandy. I live in the South of England and have been living in England for longer than I lived in France.

I grew up engrossed in the music of The Cure. The emotions in the songs resonated with my teenage discomfort of being. I have a strong sense of justice. It feels innate. Something passed on over the generations? That sense of justice – what feels right – is my compass. I have come to realise that the compass was not always pointing north. And thus, I erred on wasteland and fallow fields for years, not being able to see the beauty around me and explore opportunities that no doubt came close to me. I just couldn’t see them. Now I can.

Why work with me?

I am a compassionate and supportive coach with extensive experience of the organisational world. I have worked, and gained experience, in large systems such as the music industry, the National Health Service (NHS) and academia – I use creative writing as a method alongside other tools and techniques anchored in a relational Gestalt-oriented approach.

I believe in the potency of creative writing. I know (because I have experienced it many times within myself and with clients) that creative writing can help process difficult situations; in particular, relational difficulties: Why am I not gelling with some people? How is this preventing me from showing up?

Bring to the coaching session a problem and a desire to explore, and we’ll take it from there, systematically and creatively, attending to the here-and-now. The coaching seeks to help you to become aware of your relational patterns, how they impact others, how others impact you, and how the environment (e.g. the workplace) plays its part in the complexity of human relationships. For example, you might be challenging yourself over a difficult work situation, or trying to achieve work-life balance. We will work together to find the most supportive tools for your needs. Once you have experienced coaching with me, you might look at those doodles on your notepad with a fresh perspective and a better understanding of what is at play in and around you.


“Thank you Aline for your deep listening and understanding of the problems I was attempting to solve. Your sharp, clear insights were a great help and guided me towards making the right decisions. I was impressed by your ability to adapt and come up with novel and surprising methods to bring me to my own sense of knowing and trust. You have a rare talent for getting to the heart of a problem and I have already recommended you further.”

“Aline, I want to thank you for the support you recently gave me at a difficult crossroads in my life. I am not normally one to seek help from others because I tend to think I am in control of my own circumstances. I was wrong. Firstly, I was truly impressed with your compassion. I never once felt judged or that I should be ashamed of the situation I was in. Instead, I was greeted with great understanding, which enabled me to have total trust in you and your processes. In turn, you opened my mind to new ways of viewing the obstacles I was facing, and to reframe my feelings about the situation I was in. For me, the outcome has been clarity, to see the future in a new light and have a much more focused path to better times. Once again, thank you Aline.”

Names have been removed to preserve client confidentiality.

Code of ethics

I am a member of LAPIDUS International, the Writing for Wellbeing Community. I abide to their Ethical Code.


Postgraduate Certificate in Relational Organisational Gestalt, Relational ChangeSM, UK
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Informatics, Distinction, University of Winchester, UK
Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies in Irish Studies (MPhil equivalent), University of Caen, France
Maîtrise (MA equivalent) in Foreign Languages (French, English, Spanish, Russian) and Commerce, University of Caen, France


I can offer coaching in English and French.