Toward a more positive and healthy culture in the workplace

I design and facilitate corporate retreats, personal development courses and workshops where teams and postgraduate students alike can think deeply, strategically and creatively about their sense of belonging, purpose and identity. What is my role in my organisation? Who am I and how do I fit in the organisational culture? I can help you explore these essential questions.

‘Aline, I appreciate your expertise and your creativity. You made it a fun and productive day. Looking forward to facilitating the necessary change as we morph into our new professional identity.’ (Clinical director)

In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, our human skills and competencies have become powerful organisational assets. The humanistic approach emerges as the most fitting approach to encourage stronger human connections, boost interpersonal communication and influence collaborative work.

My workshops are creative and experiential in nature. Participants practise inclusion; that is, the art of understanding each other’s experience, through fundamental activities such as listening, dialogue, writing (for one or two minutes). Participants reconnect with the essentials of life: wellbeing, feeling valued, working collaboratively, finding new solutions. My supportive and caring facilitation helps them reach out to and harness their spontaneity, creativity and confidence to achieve more.

My most popular workshops and courses include ‘Optimising resilience’, ‘Creative writing for wellbeing’, ‘Creative writing for eco-anxiety’ and ‘Breaking cultural barriers one song at a time’. Past and current clients include: The University of Bristol, Liverpool John Moores University, Diamond Light UK.

‘Aline is very insightful and well read. I was impressed by how quickly she understood where I and the other attendees were coming from in our group sessions. While her responses were tailored to each attendee’s individual experiences, at the same time she offered a lot of universal truths that were helpful to everyone and enabled us to relate to each other. Her experience really shows, and although I have been impressed by all of my organisation’s personal improvement offerings so far, this one stands out as exceptional.’
(Doctoral researcher on ‘Optimising resilience’)

Get in touch to discuss your organisational needs and how I might support you, your team and your students get to the next milestone and over the finishing line.