Toward a more positive and healthy culture in the workplace

I specialise in wellbeing through various lenses. I work with key stakeholders in organisations to deliver wellbeing solutions that meet the needs of each organisation. I support engagement for action and ensure interventions and the learning from them is sustained within the client’s system. My warm, pragmatic and powerful approach has resulted in improving wellbeing in many workplaces. My creative methodology inspires and motivates ambitious, wellbeing-focused clients to embed a culture of wellbeing in their organisation. I have enabled clients in engineering, science, technology and research to demonstrate how they value and support their people.

My personal development courses and workshops are creative and experiential in nature. Participants practise inclusion; that is, the art of understanding each other’s experience, through fundamental activities such as listening, dialogue, writing (for one or two minutes). Participants reconnect with the essentials of life: wellbeing, feeling valued, working collaboratively, finding new solutions. My supportive and caring facilitation helps them reach out to and harness their spontaneity, creativity and confidence to achieve more.

Get in touch to discuss your organisational needs and how I might support you and your team get to the next milestone and over the finishing line.