Creative writing

What is creative writing and how may it help us?

Creative writing for professional and life purposes enables us to lay the problems and the unsaid feelings on the page in order for us to make sense of them. In a coaching session, we use short writing activities, usually one or two minutes.

Creative writing in coaching is not concerned with the writing output per se. The heart of creative writing in coaching is writing for awareness and change.

When we write creatively we bring all of ourselves (body and mind) into the process. We aim to write without judgement. We never write under pressure; and sometimes we write with mischievousness. Most of the time, we write from a place of indecision and not-knowing.

The process of writing creatively enables us to become aware of our unfolding individual experience within the collective experience. Writing in this way harnesses the power of simple words for personal insight, and acts as a springboard for personal and professional growth, and wellbeing.

Who is creative writing for?

The short answer is: For everybody.

  • For those who fear writing
  • For those who love it
  • For those who are indifferent to it

Creative writing is also for those who are creative and those who believe they are not.

Writing creatively helps us to uncover what lies beneath the surface. Writing creatively means expressing ourselves, mindful that cognition and emotions are essentially tangled. Once we start to untangle the knots through self-expression we can change perspective, venture beyond our past, initiate genuine dialogue, consider a wide range of possibilities, explore solutions, and attend to the job at hand.