Some resources

‘The passion of the Cure fan: how the popular music fan renegotiates awareness of separation and loss through song parody (lyric substitution) — a Gestalt experiment, and its implications for CWTP practice’
MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) dissertation
Metanoia Institute/Middlesex University
Aline Giordano

‘Creative Writing for Wellbeing in a doctoral research context: What are the benefits?’
UKCGE international conference on the mental health and wellbeing of postgraduate researchers
Aline Giordano
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‘Doctoral students’ access to non-academic support for mental health’
Waight and Giordano
Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management
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‘Racism, sexism and nationalism are driving us toward ignorance’
Aline Giordano
Contributing chapter in the book ‘Cobain on Cobain’
Edited by Nick Soulsby

‘The silent minority’
Aline Giordano
Contributing photographs to the exhibition and exhibition catalogue
Arles Photography Open Salon (France)
Edited, designed and curated by Vanja Karas
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‘Photo, music, text’ photography exhibition
Aline Giordano
Southampton Bargate Monument Gallery (UK)
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