Song parody

In 2022, I studied the process of song parody as a creative writing approach for therapeutic purposes in the context of my Gestalt psychotherapy. I subsequently wrote a paper which was published in the British Gestalt Journal in 2023, highlighting the creative importance and significance of working with culture, making the case that culture, as a creative and artistic process, is a sine qua non in the therapeutic process and encounter. I argue that the artistic creation of self is above all cultural.

Read my research paper The Cure: working with separation and loss.

This recording below was done for therapeutic and academic purposes and is not intended for profit. The original song is ‘One Hundred Years’ by The Cure. My song parody is called ‘One Hundred Years of Korean Women’. I do not own the copyright of the original song or lyrics.

Trans-racial and trans-national adoption

I talked to British film director Jason Verney about the film ‘Return to Seoul’ by Davy Chou (2022). I talked about how I, a Korean born French adoptee, felt about the film, how it impacted me. We also talked about the wonderful soundtrack.

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